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The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace


What makes one person feel appreciated does not make another person feel appreciated. This workshop explores why the five languages of appreciation in the workplace is so important to the health of your employees…and your business.

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Appreciation in the Workplace

At work, people express and receive appreciation in different ways. If you try to express appreciation in ways that aren’t meaningful to your co-workers, they may not feel valued at all. This is because you and your co-workers are speaking different languages. In The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace we look at the importance of appreciation; how to express and experience the 5 languages; make a plan for expressing appreciation that is meaningful to others; and overcoming the barriers to making it stick.

Genuine Appreciation

Express genuine appreciation to co-workers and staff even on a tight budget.

Improve Employee Loyalty

Increase loyalty with the employees and volunteers in your organization.

Create a Positive Workplace

Reduce cynicism and create a more positive work environment.

Help Difficult Colleagues

Improve your ability to show appreciation for difficult colleagues.

Positive And Appropriate Languages

Convey the language of physical touch in appropriate ways.

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The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace

High Impact

Our workshops help reduce turnover rates while increasing employee morale. At the same time help reduce stress levels in the workplace while increasing productivity and customer service.

Low Cost

Our workshop is considerably less than attending others and provides action-oriented takeaway resources. Value-add includes follow up sessions, email reminders and relevant tips.

Customized Sessions

We know you’re busy! That’s why we allow you to choose your preferred format, pick your preferred session times and designate a session level of your choice. Let’s discuss the format that fits your schedule.


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From Brian Reynolds

My Personal Journey

Several years ago a friend presented me with an advanced copy of a book about to be released entitled, “The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace.” After reading chapter one I quickly concluded that I needed to share this concept with the world! The words and principles of the book resonated with the type of culture that I had previously experienced and enjoyed. Learn2Appreciate was born! I began conducting more research and engaging with numerous leaders, managers, CEO’s, volunteers, employees, friends and family and it was soon clear that genuine, authentic appreciation in the workplace was hit and miss.

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